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DICE Corporation

DICE Corporation is one of the leading research and development companies in the security and technology industries. As an innovator of software solutions that have helped shape the security industry, DICE has created many of the products and solutions used by some of the largest security companies. Some of DICE’s top services include alarm monitoring, service, sales, smart home, and telecom solutions. DICE also operates the industry’s largest cloud hosting center, supplying over one million subscribers with direct service and six million subscribers with alarm signaling telecom services.


Wheeler Trucking

Wheeler Trucking was established to achieve the vision of becoming a leader in automotive transportation services. Dedicated to excellence in the automotive transportation industry, Wheeler Trucking's mission is to provide outstanding customer service and to deliver products on time, safely, and damage free. At Wheeler the aim is to exceed the customer's expectations. At the same time, Wheeler Trucking is also cognizant of the effect of industry on the environment. Because of this, environmental action to limit carbon footprint are also an integral part of the company's mission.


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Harriet Ajalo - Patongo School
Agnes Nyaga-Nighty - Passion 4 The Community
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Frank Kawooya - Cinematography
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Diaper Alliance - donations
Jen Balash & family - feeding an entire community
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Gerald and Carine Augustin - monetary donations
Chris Mishler - monetary donations
Garlon Garth - production
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